Sydney Window Frosting

Frequently asked questions

 What is window frosting?

Window frosting is a special coating that is applied to your existing glass, this creates all the privacy you need, while still allowing warmth & light to transmit through.

 Will it block the light or darken the room?

Absolutely not, the coating is specially developed to prevent this from happening, the loss of light is so minimal it is only recorded at around 7%.

 Can it be removed at a later date?

Absolutely, the coating is removable and your glass can be restored to its original condition.

 My glass is not completely clear, it has a slight green or tint colour in it. Will this affect the final result?

Yes, this can sometimes change the appearance of the frosting or print we apply to the glass. We find that the majority of glass we work on does not have this green or tinted appearance. It is usually completely clear.

 Do you remove old/existing frosting and graphics?

Yes, this is a service we can provide for you.

 Can you incorporate our logo and branding?

Yes, this is our speciality, there are so many possibility we can do with your new glass coating, please have a look through our gallery to see our previous work.

 Can you make it so that we can see out of but no one can see in?

Yes, we have developed a technique to achieve this. We can even display your branding on the external side.

 Do you do free quotes?

Yes, all of our quoting is 100% free, we will just need a little bit of information to best assist you. Please refer to ‘Online Quote” for more information on how to obtain one.

 How long is turn around time?

This can be as little as next day, or up to 2 weeks, depending on how simplistic or intricate the job is. This will be outlined in your free online quotation.