Frosting Concept Guide

We have made the process easy by creating and super imposing common and not so common frosting concepts on to glass to give you a visual on what is possible. Keep in mind we can customise these to make them tailored to your individual requirements. The below concepts can be used on any glass surface, partition, window or door.

Door Frosting Concept Guide

Here you’ll find examples of some of the most common door frosting concepts. These seem to be the most popular as they all work to serve the purpose of safety, privacy or even branding. The below are all on single doors, but we can tailor them to double doors and also customise or incorporate the above concepts in there to have something completely customised to your needs. 

Reception Plaques

Your reception area is the first thing your clients see when they enter your workspace or office. Here you’ll find a series of all different shapes and sizes of reception plaques. For any other sizes, shapes or styles, please get in contact to see how we can assist you.