We were approached by Ocean Ink Tattoo located in Miranda as they wanted something amazing for their shop front, their desires were to:

  • Modernise their shopfront
  • Remove the outdated and damaged blinds
  • Not loose light from coming in the studio
  • Grab attention
  • And Incorporate some Japanese art

The idea he was most interested in was to have a well know Japanese painting “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” enhanced on to the glass, while being translucent and also gray scale.

The issue we ran into here was that the painting was painted in the early 1800’s, therefor the only versions of this we could find were photos of the painting. The files were not large and we ran into issues such a pixelation when wanting to increase the size of the image. This did not look amazing by any stretch of the imagination.

To combat this we digitally recreated the image in special design software to a vector format, being able to stretch this as large as we wanted without any distortion whatsoever. This also gave us the ability to turn in into a grayscale image.

Once the first drafts were created the outcome was looking better than we could have imagined. Ocean Ink Tattoo approved our digital drawings immediately and work was started.

The installation went smoothly and the shopfront came to life. Jason and the team couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.

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